ann e. judkins
Working Title: Cloud ZeroWorking Title: Abstract 4 Working Title: Textured 6Working Title: Number 9Working Title: 8 OutWorking Title: Gunpowder 3Working Title: Rock Pond 3Working Title: Concave 3Working Title: Soft 5Working Title: Donut Dog 0Working Title: Pastel 9Working Title: Flamingo 5Working Title: Grid 2Working Title: Random 3Working Title: VW 8Working Title: Not Six - 9Working Title: Choke 2Working Title: Yin and Yang 5Working Title: 9 AbstractWorking Title: Giraffe Head 8Working Title: Giraffe Body 6Working Title: Giraffe Legs 4Working Title: I Voted 4Working Title: Bright Spot 3Working Title: Color 4Working Title: Water Pool 9Working Title: Fading 3Working Title: Spar Carve 4Working Title: Kasota 1Working Title: Nebula 8Working Title: Cloud Nine 9Working Title: Out of the Blue 5Working Title: Caught 2Working Title Red 6Working Title: Black 0Working Title: Grid 8working Title: Elephant 9Working Title: Red Abstract 4Working Title: Give Me Five 5
Pi To 100 Places
Pi to 100 Places: the first 100 places in Pi depicted on six inch by six inch pieces of wood. In keeping with the irrationality of Pi, each number is painted randomly and in any style or media. When the numbers are assembled in the correct order the piece measures 6 inches by 50.5 feet.