ann e. judkins
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eMERGEncy Series

Being a visual artist has given me a different point of view in photography. I appreciate beauty in not only the classic flaming sunset, dew-dropped flower, or fall foliage, but also in a stroll through a junkyard where I find artistic worth in the rusted metal scraps and abstracted forms of obsolete metal parts. I photograph very diverse subject matter to form a large body of photographic work.

From this body of work, using my artistic instincts and intuition, I select two photographs to merge together to create an image of abstraction, surrealism, incongruity, or serendipity to bring forth, and emphasize, the elements of art such as color, shape, and texture. The image then brings the viewer beyond the real world in varying degrees, as some objects in the photographs remain identifiable, and others merge away from reality into varying degrees of abstraction. The images give the viewer a sense of “what if” or “how can that be” in an artistic photographic interpretation of the world.

I recently created a sub-series of photographs within the eMERGEncy series entitled Portals. The Portal photos contain one photograph of an opening of some type merged with another photograph. The resulting photo is reduced in size a number of times and layered upon itself to create an image that draws the viewer inward. In the Portal series the repetitive shapes and textures of decreasing size are more important than what is found at the end of the portal. In other words, the trip is more interesting than the destination.