ann e. judkins
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Radius 1.64

June 2010

Decay and Decline
Deterioration of
What Is Left Behind

Seven defunct, abandoned gas stations, forsaken and deserted, these derelict

properties are left behind to slowly change from unattractive commercial

enterprises into unsightly urban blight.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of these properties?
I don't know.

When will the toxic soil of these properties be removed?
I don't know.

Why are these eye sores allowed to exist year after year?
I don't know.

Where are the seven abandoned gas stations?
Within 1.64 miles of my home

This series of paintings documents “what is left behind” in a minimalistic, close-up interpretation,

and prediction. The media used in this series are acrylics and gunpowder. Each painting

has gunpowder incorporated into the design to emphasize the decay, deterioration, and rust

that abound on these sites. The abandoned gas stations are an example of the rampant

corporate greed in our society extending across America – make your money quickly, and

move on to the next cash cow. The citizens of the area are left with the decaying toxic body.