ann e. judkins
April 5: 

omg its so hot in this house i cant stand itAPRIL 6: 

yay, the dead llama is goneApril 7: 

If you flick uterine fluid on me, I will barf on you.April 8: 

is it just me that finds it hard to resist the temptation of "wet paint" sign?? I sooo WANNA touch!April 9: 

Note to self: never feed a newborn honey.  Out of school for the week!April 10: 

drinking at the gas station with Pam!April 11: 

Feels like the toilet should flush the other way!!!April 12: 

All I can hope is that she's in a store trying this on and that she doesn't actually OWN this hat.April 13: 

I recall reading that. Back in my day, we searched! Uphill. Both ways. Through congested links. Damn kids, get off my lawn!April 14: 

ugh.  so stressed. I cant deal.April 15: 

ps - i hate pigeonsApril 16: 

Bought too much gold by mistakeApril 17: 

hell to the yeah! Nice and tight in the morning, then by mid day looks like you are you have a load that needs dumped, ewh.April 18: 

Want to go gallivanting today?April 19:     

      night tv making 
              me dizzy...

(this was printed upside down) aejApril 20: 

Now from the blackberry!April 21: 

Has a stomach bug or something... yuck yuck yuck!April 22:

get with the timesApril 23:

im already on it!April 24: 

Randomness is sooo awesomeApril 25:

Don't care much for the jumping - up - and - down bit, but kids' trampolines do make rather splendid sun loungers.April 26:

wants a thunderstormApril 27:

trying to stay awake........April 28:

I'm simply the best, well my hair is anyway!April 29:

Grape Gatorade is so magical.April 30:

I hate this soo damn muchMay 1:

But then again, some people here live in such extreme poverty that they can barely afford the pizza.May 2:

Fist bumps for evvverrryyyoonnee!!May 3:

Why is everyone saying bamboozle?  Did i miss something?May 4:

Trying to figure out Twitter before heading off to the circus.
Twitter: Oh, the Inanity!
“Wondering if Twitter is essential to my life.” January 2, 2009

The above statement was my first foray into the world of Twitter. I was curious as to what it was all about, so signed on that day. I started Twittering away throughout the winter, but found that as spring approached my Tweets were declining, along with my interest in Twitter. I had no followers, and more importantly, I had no one I wanted to follow. The quality of the messages astounded me. They were boring, inane, and trivial at best, and pornographic, preachy, and commercialized at worst. Winter, and my interest in Twitter, waned.

“Art will arise from Twitter” April 5, 2009

In April, as Twitter became a rising Internet social phenomenon, my interest in twittering sank. I was amazed by how so much inanity could prevail on one website. As an artist, I decided to transfer my feelings about Twitter to canvas. I started a series of small paintings inspired by Twitter. Each day, starting on April 5th, I clicked on Twitter and selected a “Tweet of the Day” from a screen of 20 random Tweets. The daily Tweet was written in a journal along with the date. The title and subject matter of each painting would be the random Tweet of the day, that is, my artistic interpretation of the Tweet. Because I was going to do at least 30 paintings, I chose to work on a small canvas and decided to keep the size standard throughout the whole series. I also chose not to over-think the paintings in order to provide spontaneity and freshness to each subject. To further emphasize this, I chose no specific style for this series. I gave myself total freedom with each painting.

About half way through the series, I realized that my paintings were unintentionally paralleling Twitter in several ways. Tweets are limited in size as are my paintings. Tweets seem to be quite spontaneous as are my paintings in that I have chosen no set style. Tweets are instantaneous as are my paintings which are a quick visual interpretation on canvas.

The paintings are an abstracted, humorous, sarcastic, and personal exploration of inanity. In general, I am still no fan of Twitter, but I have had a great artistic romp full of creative freedom visualizing on canvas random public statements, thanks to Twitter.