ann e. judkins
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Rock Drawings
I started drawing the rocks of Lake Superior in 1987 using colored pencil as my drawing medium. I was fascinated with the subtle coloration, texture, and peculiarities of the rocks which were worn into softened, simple shapes by the power of water and wind. A few years later, by pure serendipity, my drawing medium changed to ordinary crayon.

Throughout this series of drawings in crayon, the rocks are depicted quite realistically, but the placement, manipulation, and distortion of the rocks in each drawing goes beyond realism into surrealism. The laws of physics are challenged or altered. I want to convey to the viewer a sense of the unique beauty in the singular objects of nature, the rocks, along with an interesting exploration of space within the drawing. I challenge the viewers to let their minds go beyond reality into what might be possible.

The drawings in this series have simplified backgrounds to emphasize the subtleties of the rocks. In some of the drawings, the paper rocks have left the confines of the frame and have migrated to other objects and materials. The word “rock“, itself, along with the various depictions of rocks in unusual settings is explored in the drawings. In the “stacks of rocks” pieces, the tall and extremely narrow shape of the drawings step out of the conventional norm of the dimensions of a piece of art.